Caseworker, Investigation Team

Gal Ida

Gal Ida

Gal Ida


As an Israeli in Germany, my path was sometimes not easy. However, for several years now, I have felt a little more “at home” and look forward to my team, my work and of course my clients every morning.

Gal Ida is much more than just an employee for us. He is passionate about what he does and his commitment goes far beyond the professional. An integral part of our team, he has played a prominent role over the years and has become an indispensable member of our Reclaim Justice family.

His tireless commitment to the issue of reparations and Holocaust compensation is reflected in his assertiveness and at the same time his sensitivity in dealing with our clients. Mr. Ida has extensive IT knowledge and skills, which he skillfully uses to constantly improve our processes and make them more efficient.

He is not only an expert in his field, but also our valuable interface with Israel. Gal serves our clients with extraordinary love and dedication, and his goal is to assist them on their path to justice.

Gal Ida served in the IDF from 1997-2000 and grew up in Eilat.

We are proud to have his passion, expertise and dedication on our team.

תפקיד: סמנכ“ל טכנולוגיה

גל הוא ישראלי, אילתי במקור. לאחר שירות מלא בצה“ל (במודיעין חיל האויר), למד בגרמניה ניהול מערכות בריאות, ועבד אח“כ בסטארטאפ בארץ בחו“ל.

“ בעבודתי בחברת RJ, אני מנסה ליבא מהידע שצברתי בעולם ההייטק לעולם של תביעות ניצולי שואה ובכך לייעל את העבודה. לדוגמה, היום, כל לקוח יכול בכל רגע, לבדוק אונליין את המצב וההתקדמות של תביעתו. כמו כן, הובלתי תהליך דִּיגִיטַצְיָה, כך שכיום כל המידע והמסמכים של כל הלקוחות מאובטחים בענן.“

גל גם אחראי על הצוות שנותן מענה בעברית ללקוחות בישראל.